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Deeper sleep allows you to build up more energy in your cells, it’s the true recovery time in your metabolic cycle. Could you use more energy?

Well the answer is better sleep, and now this is super easy

You might be wondering why you don’t get as restful sleep as you used to? Fact is, with the expansion of wireless technologies you are being blocked from the natural earth energy that we’ve relied on for thousands of years to maintain our normal, high energy levels. It’s these low frequencies which match with your brain’s natural bio-rhythms and optimize your metabolism.

How do wireless technologies block the natural earth energy?

Mobile phone transmitters and all wireless technologies use ‘information carrying’ radiowaves to carry their signals. This energy blankets our lower atmosphere and changes your bio-rhythm.

Now theres something simple you can use to defend yourself against this epidemic called Electrsmog

It’s everywhere despite the fact that you can’t see it…

It’s blocking the earth’s natural energy…

But the EarthPulse technology now can cover you. It delivers a pulsed electro-magnetic field in the optimum range for metabolic performance.

My name is Dave Johnson, these are my comments on the Earth Pulse. I just recently received my Earth Pulse in the mail and have had nothing but incredible sleep since. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I got injured in an automobile accident in the early 90′s and have a metal titanium rod through my leg with screws. Both my legs are a bit uneven as a result.

After having tried pretty much every known body work in the universe – chiropractic, orthopedics; chiropractors just want to adjust me, orthopedics just want to operate on me; acupuncture, rolfing, you name it I’ve tried it. All worked to a certain degree but I’m always left with two things: loss of feeling, general soreness, and a definite loss of sleep due to the fact that as I wake up I roll over in pain and continue tossing during the night.

The Earth Pulse works like magic. I’ve never seen anything that is so subtly there but does such a tremendous affect. It was my first use with Magnetic Pulse therapy and to be honest I was a little doubting it. I thought it helped me initially. I got a chance to try it out using an inverter on a long car ride. Going into the car I wasn’t able to drive but with the Earth Pulse I was able to drive for 4 to 5 hours – I actually saw a concert standing on a hill for 2 hours then drove home. When I realized that I felt at least as good as I did before I left I was really amazed. But then what really put me over the top to actually spend the money to buy it was when I used it to sleep – just like it was shown in one of the pictures of how to put it under your mattress. I tried that and had the most sound sleep that I’ve had in years and really woke up that next morning and really thought about purchasing one.

It’s probably about the tenth or eleventh day that I’ve used the Earth Pulse to help sleep and today was the day that got me motivated to do this testimonial because I was able to sleep for the first time in I don’t even know how long for almost a solid 8 hours. Considering I’ve been ran over again since the early 90′s I can’t even remember the last time that I’ve slept for 8 hours. If I wouldn’t have seen it on the little counter when I turned it off and realized that I had 20 minutes left to have gotten 8 hours.

So for me this thing has definitely changed my life. It’s also helped me go to less visits with other body workers because whatever they do tends to last a lot longer in addition to the Earth Pulse. A general feeling of overall energy from head to toe, increased awareness and definitely for the first time in over a month it really makes me feel like trying to work out and push myself even further. So get one, it’ll change your life like it did mine.

Dave Johnson
Portland Oregon

I feel Pulsed Electo-Magnetic Therapy may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine

Dr David G. Williams

“You Have Certainly Come Up With Something That Makes Me Sleep”

Robert O. Becker, MD

Now you can get deeper, more restful, rejuvenating sleep with the touch of a button. It’s really that easy – there’s just a few steps:

  1. Turn on your Earth Pulse
  2. Choose a program (we explain how to choose, it’s very easy ;-)
  3. Press Go & Go to sleep

The 9.6 Hertz “Recover” program turbocharges the Mitochondria in your cells. This helps:

  • Improve Oxygen Metabolism
  • Reduction of Oxidative Electrons

In this video I explain why your physical performance and vitality is so dependent on getting the type of deep restful sleep that most of us are lacking these days:

Your physical and mental health is based on the performance of your Mitochondria. Robust Mitochondria & deep restful sleep leads to optimum health.

Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxygen deficiency is commonly attributed as a root cause of many health disorders. Many prominent doctors of history have supported this concept including Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Otto Warburg, Dr Emanuel Revici, and Linus Pauling.

Here’s what Dr Sinatra has to say about the EarthPulse:

“I Highly Recommend This Product”

Dr Stephen Sinatra, MD

In the June 2007 issue of his “Heart, Health & Nutrition” Newsletter Dr Sinatra reported that the EarthPulse solved his issue with staying awake throughout the night.

Eastern European research has confirmed Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to have strong anti-inflammatory effects especially in the 10 Hz frequency range. Controlling inflammation is a key factor to maintaining Mitochondrial integrity over a lifetime of modern stressors such as Electropollution, chemical toxins, as well as physical and psychological stress.

Stress has been linked to inflammation and increased rates of cancer as well as poor sleep. Stress is a trigger that can cause a lot of damage to your body over time. Earth Pulse “tunes” you down helping reduce your stress levels.

The editor of Alternative Medicine magazine also is grateful for his new found sleep…

“One formerly sleep deprived editor has now stopped counting sheep and is eternally grateful for the Z’s”

Alternative Medicine Magazine 9-05 – p.121

Without adequate amounts of deep sleep your body simply can’t recover from normal wear and tear or maintain a healthy immune system. Deep sleep is required! It’s only during deep sleep, slow-wave, Delta rhythm sleep do body systems shut down sufficiently making available up to 80% of the ATP-pool for immunity, repair, regeneration and and hormone synthesis.

What About Athletic Performance & Libido?

Consistent use of Earth Pulse increases strength by at least 15-25% peak strength without adding any body weight (or any side effects). This increases your strength to weight ratio (better than steroids). Libido is beneficially effected as well…

Aerobic athletes have been amazed by their short term recovery and long term stamina due to improved oxygen metabolism and enhanced Mitochondrial ATP production.

We’re confident you’ll be blown away with the results from the Earth Pulse but to make sure you’ve got a full 90 days to try it out risk free. Simply return it for a full refund within 90 days and you’ll get your money back.

Secure your EarthPulse Today For Better Sleep & More Endurance


EarthPulse v.5


0 – 14.1 Hz

1100 Gauss

10 Program Modes

One (1) Electromagnet

1 v.5 Controller (one output jack)

1 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply

One intl. pin adapter for country of residence

One v.5 padded, clear-side travel case

Lifetime Support


EarthPulse v.5 Pro


0 – 14.1 Hz

2200 Gauss

10 Program Modes

Two (2) Electromagnets

1 v.5 Controller (one output jack)

1 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC Power Supply

One intl. pin adapter for country of residence

One v.5 padded, clear-side travel case

Lifetime Support

P.S. In 2003 NASA found that a 10 Hz Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field caused neural tissue regeneration at 4x the baseline. This means that the 10 Hz fields (this is the primary focus of the Earth Pulse device) sped up regeneration effects by 4 times! Get started with your Earth Pulse by clicking here.